Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets

PHE Nordic provides gaskets, spares and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchanger brands

Heat Exchangers Gasket Manufacturers

PHE Nordic plates/gaskets are non-OEM, 100% compatible with genuine parts.

 PHE Nordic provides services and spare parts for Plate Heat Exchangers to a wide range of international brands. Plates for Heat Exchanger, gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, gaskets for Plate Heat Exchanger, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

PHE Nordic is quality Plate Heat Exchanger gaskets supplier with many benefits for your business.

Our gaskets supply is fast and has reliable services, ensures that your Plate Heat Exchanger is back in operation with optimum performance as fast as possible.

Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers removes all scaling and fouling effectively. Read more..

PHE Nordic provides services and spare parts for various international brands of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE) and Fresh Water Generators (FWG).

Choosing PHE Nordic as your preferred supplier of spare parts, will save you time, increase the level of quality and give you time to focus on other matters, to mention just a few benefits for you and your company.

PHE Nordic is specialized in plate heat exchangers and gaskets. Where a wide range are always in stock, ready for delivery on a day-to-day basis. PHE Nordic is capable of assisting various customers no matter industry. Offshore- Marine- Power Plants- Food- Pharmaceutical- Chemical- Industry- HVAC- District heating and District cooling.

Your benefits using PHE Nordic as your supplier in Gaskets:

➤ All Brand Service

➤ Quick and Reliable delivery on a day to day basis

➤Comprehensive stock of gaskets for most sold Plate heat exchanger types

➤ Gasket fit and the Quality of the Rubber Compound are 100% compatible with OEM Gaskets

➤ Supply of most communed Ring Gasket, Rubber Lining, Distance Ring, Collars

➤ Competitive prices

PHE Nordic Quality measures:

Inspection (HSEQ) Health, safety, environment and quality.

PHE Nordic is specialized in reconditioning of Plate Heat Exchangers and has a large inventory of Spare Parts and special components for the most widely used Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators.

There are a number of standard materials for plate heat exchanger gaskets:

Gaskets materials: NBR – NBR HT – HNBR – EPDM – EPDM HT – FKM – Neoprene – Butyl – Viton – Telfon , to match process and application conditions to maximize operating temperatures.

Gaskets in Plate Heat Exchangers: Combining the rubber mixture, involves a complicated selection process. The working environment, service temperature, pressure and the interaction between the gasket material and plates, helps determine the final choice of materials. Normally the used material is elastomer, to suit the actual combination of temperature, chemical environment and other factors.

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PHE Nordic is a leading supplier of Gaskets and Plates for Fresh Water Generators and Plate Heat Exchangers. We have an extensive storage, which means we can deliver Gaskets and Plates from stock.