PHE Nordic Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers

PHE Nordic provides gaskets and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

Barriquand Heat Exchangers Gasket

Barriquand Gaskets Types

      • Barriquand UFX100
      • Barriquand UFX12
      • Barriquand UFX18
      • Barriquand UFX26
      • Barriquand UFX42
      • Barriquand UFX51
      • Barriquand UFX64
      • Barriquand UFX85
      • Barriquand UFX91

Which are non-OEM gaskets 100% compatible with gaskets manufactured by Barriquand.

Barriquand is a group with specialization in the design, manufacturing, and supply of thermal solutions adapted for climatic and industrial applications across the world. Barriquand gasketed plate heat exchanger is evolutionary and compact. Barriquand plate heat exchangers offer excellent thermal performance for all fluids cooling/heating applications in food/agriculture, climate engineering, pharmaceutical, chemical, and many other diverse industries. Plate heat exchangers consists of series of corrugated plates, which after assembly, forms the circulation channels for the fluids. The gaskets ensures the sealing of each plate and prohibits or authorize the flow of fluids in between the plates. Plate heat exchangers are used in many different processes and applications for example: Cooling/heating of evaporation fluids, and condensation.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for Barriquand Plate Heat Exchangers, and a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

All Spare Parts are quality controlled at our own lab, to ensure 100% compatible with original makers. Every PHE gasket and plate at our storage are made of traceable materials, so we can assure that our products contain the exact material fitted for the fluid and temperature going through the Plate Heat Exchanger.

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Heat Exchanger Gasket Materials:

NBR – NITRIL – VITON fluoroelastomer – EPDM – NBRHT – NITRIL high temp