Fresh Water Generator Spare Parts

PHE Nordic provides spare parts and services for a wide range of international Fresh Water Generator brands

PHE Nordic supplies Fresh Water Generator spare parts: Plates, Gaskets, and  other components, for most well-known brands in the industry such as Alfa Laval, Aqua-Chem, APV / SPX, Hansun, Serck Como, Sondex / Danfoss. PHE Nordic plates and gaskets are non-OEM, 100% compatible with genuine parts.

How does a Fresh Water Generator work?

Fresh water generators are one of the most essential machineries on board a ship. FWG or Fresh water generators are something that is necessary in certain industries such as, Marine, Maritime, and Offshore. Marine Fresh water generator produces the fresh water which is used for drinking, cooking, washing, Steam Boiler. When converting the salty sea water into high quality drinking water for domestic use and process utilization on rigs, ships and remote onshore locations, the most economical and feasible approach will be desalination of seawater as the most reliable solution.


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PHE Nordic offers new Alfa Laval fresh water generators JWP26 – JWP16 – JWP36 – Dolphin – DPU-36 plates and gaskets, of course at competitive prices. Our plates are produced in Japanese titanium Grade 1 and in 0,5 mm thickness. Alfa Lavals JWP series converts seawater to freshwater by vacuum distillation, used on ships, rigs and at remote onshore locations. This single-stage automatic series is ideal for capacities from 0.5 to 35 m3/24 h and, upon request, up to 100 m3/24 h.

Another example of a popular Fresh Water Generator brand is Sondex / Danfoss fresh water generators, where PHE Nordic supplies FWG plates and gaskets, e.g.: Sondex / Danfoss SFD 7 – SFD 13 – SFD 23 – SFD 45.

PHE Nordic offers new equivalent gaskets for most freshwater generators. All PHE Nordic gaskets are made of the best rubber material and with a perfect finish, to ensure a correct fit. PHE Nordic plates and gaskets are non-OEM, 100% compatible with genuine parts.


Fresh water generators

PHE Nordic’s range of Fresh water generators parts and components includes items below :

> Thermometer w/pocket
> Clamping nut
> Non return flap
> Rubber sleeve
> Diaphragm
> Gasket for front cover

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