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Fresh Water Generator Plates

Plates for Fresh Water Generator:

PHE Nordic offers new fresh water generator plates are produced in Japanese titanium Grade 1 and in 0,5 mm thickness.

PHE Nordic plates are non-oem, 100% compatible with genuine plates at competitive prices, no matter brand.

PHE Nordic’s range of products includes all components e.g. for Alfa Laval, APV / SPX, Dong Hwa, Dolphin, Nirex, Serck Como, Sondex / Danfoss and Hansun fresh water generators.

Here are some of your benefits using PHE Nordic as your plate supplier:

  • New complete gasketed Plate Packs ready for installation in stock.
  • Large inventory of Plates for most brands.
  • Quality of Plates are equivalent to OEM standards.
  • Fast and reliable service ensures that your Plate Heat Exchanger is back in operation with optimum performance.
  • Highly qualified employees operate our state-of-the-art cleaning treatment plant.
  • Chemical cleaning removes all scaling and fouling effectively.
  • Dye-penetration test reveals cracked plates.
  • Stock of most sold plates in case replacements are required.
  • Capability of re-pressing deformed gasket tracks.
  • Competitive pricing and short delivery times.

Full Traceability

Every plate and gasket at our storage are made of traceable materials, so we can assure that our products contain the exact material fitted for the fluid and temperature going through the Plate Heat Exchanger. To have full traceability on our Gaskets, every batch of any given Gasket type, has a label with a unique barcode attached, to ensure traceability. Our Plates are laser engraved with type, high/low tater, material quality, thickness and given a unique certificate number, to ensure full traceability.

No matter what kind of Service, Spare Part or Special Component you need, our team is ready to guide you and to ensure the highest quality possible.

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