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PHE Nordic provides spare parts and services for a wide range of international Fresh Water Generator brands

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PHE Nordic offers new Alfa Laval JWP26 – JWP16 – JWP36 – Dolphin – DPU-36 fresh water generator plates and gaskets, offered at competitive prices. Our plates are produced in titanium Grade 1 and in 0,5 mm thickness. Alfa Laval the JWP series converts seawater to freshwater by vacuum distillation for use on ships and rigs or at remote onshore locations. This single-stage automatic series is ideal for capacities from 0.5 to 35 m3/24 h and, upon request, up to 100 m3/24 h.

We supply also Sondex plates and gaskets, Sondex / Danfoss  SFD 7 – SFD 13 – SFD 23 – SFD 45.

PHE Nordic offers new equivalent gaskets for most fresh water generators. All PHE Nordic gaskets are made in the best rubber material quality and with a perfect finishing, in order to ensure a correct fit.

PHE Nordic plates and gaskets are non-OEM, 100% compatible with genuine parts.

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➤ Alfa Laval Aqua

➤ Alfa Laval Dolphin

➤ Alfa Laval DPU-2-36-C100/125

➤ Alfa Laval DPU-36-C100/125

➤ Alfa Laval JWP-16-C40/50

➤ Alfa Laval JWP-26-C80/100

➤ Alfa Laval JWP-36-C100/125

➤ Alfa Laval MEP-3-300

➤ APV / SPX H15

➤ APV / SPX H17,5

➤ APV / SPX H18

➤ APV / SPX H20

➤ APV / SPX H25

➤ APV / SPX H30

➤ APV / SPX H33

➤ APV / SPX H35


➤ Hansun FWG-5

➤ Hansun FWG-10

➤ Hansun FWG-20

➤ Hansun FWG-30

➤ Hansun FWG-40

➤ Serck Como PTE-25

➤ Sondex / Danfoss SFD 7

➤ Sondex / Danfoss SFD 13

➤ Sondex / Danfoss SFD 23

➤ Sondex / Danfoss SFD 45

PHE Nordic offers repairs for fresh water generators for Alfa Laval JWP26 and JWP36. With effective chemical cleaning of evaporator and condenser plates to remove scaling on used plates. Total reconditioning of the unit. When we recondition a Fresh Water Generator, we strip it totally down and all parts will be sandblasted to SA2½. All plates in condenser and evaporator are chemically cleaned, crack tested, and any bad plates will be replaced, and mounted with new gaskets. All other gaskets and bolts are replaced as well. The outside of the Fresh Water Generator is primed and painted with a two-component paint.

With more than 20 years of experience within Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators, PHE Nordic has a lot of knowledge about each Plate Heat Exchanger type. We know that high quality is key, when it comes to Spare Parts for Plate Heat Exchangers and Fresh Water Generators. Poor quality of Spare Parts can result in future unnecessary problems with your Plate Heat Exchanger, creating unnecessary costs.
That is why we check the quality of every product in our storage, before shipment to our customers.

High quality for us, is when our products matches the original maker, in both quality material and dimensions. These factors are crucial for us and for our customers.

All Spare Parts are quality controlled at our own lab, to ensure 100% compatible with original makers. Every plate and gasket at our storage are made of traceable materials, so all our products meet the best OEM specifications.

The quality is not only relevant for our Spare Parts, but also our services. For various industries, we offer a documentation package, when refurbishing Plate Heat Exchanger or Fresh Water Generator. The documentation package shows and document the refurbishment process. If a complete Plate Pack or Plate Heat Exchanger is needed, we have the correct A-measurement and our service team is ready to conduct a pressure-test before shipment.

No matter what kind of Service, Spare Part or Special Component you need, our team is ready to guide you and to ensure the highest quality possible.

Here are some of your benefits using PHE Nordic as your supplier:

  • Large inventory of special parts and components for all Plate Heat Exchanger manufacturers and brands.
  • Competitive pricing and short delivery times.
  • Fast and reliable service ensures that your Plate Heat Exchanger is back in operation with optimum performance.
  • Highly qualified employees operate our state-of-the-art cleaning treatment plant.
  • Chemical cleaning removes all scaling and fouling effectively.
  • Dye-penetration test reveals cracked plates.
  • Stock of most sold plates in case replacements are required.
  • Capability of re-pressing deformed gasket tracks.
  • Pressure testing of most sold plate packs in our own or customer’s frame.
  • Capability of complete refurbishment of frames.
  • Experienced and highly qualified service technicians available for onsite disassembling and assembling of Plate Heat Exchangers.
  • Refurbishment of worn out frames with corrosion damages is considerably cheaper than purchasing new frames.
  • Frames undergo well documented refurbishing processes and procedures.
  • Sand-blasting for removal of worn out coating and corrosion damage.
  • Pyrolysis treatment to decompose and evaporate organic salt from the metal.
  • Outer surfaces are FBE-coated to protect against corrosion.
  • Corrosion damages are built up with Nordtec Ceramic Rapid and subsequently surface treated with Nordtec Ceramic Coating.
  • All frame surfaces are now extremely protected against impact from harsh environments, e.g. in marine, offshore and chemical applications.
  • Pressure testing of refurbished plate packs in frame of the most sold Plate Heat Exchanger types.
  • Pressure testing of complete Plate Heat Exchangers after refurbishing.
  • Leak detection in frame with Helium checking for micro-cracks in refurbished plate packs.
  • Assembly distance provided with refurbished, pressure tested plate pack.
  • Pressure Test Certificate with all testing data provided.

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      • Alfa Laval
      • Nirex
      • Dolphin
      • Sondex
      • APV / SPX
      • DongHwa
      • Serck Como
      • Hansun
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