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PHE Nordic provides gaskets and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

Funke Heat Exchanger Gaskets

Funke Gaskets Types

      • Funke FP05
      • Funke FP10
      • Funke FP14
      • Funke FP16
      • Funke FP205
      • Funke FP22
      • Funke FP41
      • Funke FP50
      • Funke FPS30
      • Funke FPS39
      • Funke FPS50
      • Funke FPS65

Which are non-OEM gaskets 100% compatible with gaskets manufactured by Funke.

FUNKE heat transfer plates, well known for their hydraulically and thermodynamically optimized embossing, resulting in cost effective and compact solutions. A gasketed plate pack is mounted in a rack, compressed with tightening bolts between the movable plate and the fixed plate. That will guarantee the maximum heat transfer, for hot and cold media, which normally are led through the plate heat exchanger in on pass or multi pass counterflow. FUNKE gaskets are well known for very high heat transfer rates because it is thermodynamically optimized design. For easy maintenance FUNKE gaskets are fastened by a clip-system. To enable and ensure better and exact catering and stabilization of the entire plate pack, FUNKE gaskets has special surface. FUNKE has also double gaskets with leakage groove between two media, to prevent the mix between the media. Gasket type depends on the design and the type whether it is non-adhesive or adhesive.

For gasket materials, tested and proven materials are used, such as:

➤ NBR (nitrile-rubber): Applicable universally for oil fluids and aqueous e.g. water/oil applications.
➤ VITON fluoroelastomer: Extremely high resistant to organic solvents and vegetable oils, sulphuric acid, also to chemicals at high temperatures.
➤ EPDM (ethylene-propylene-rubber): Can be applied for a wide range of chemical compounds that do not contain mineral oil and grease, and water steam applications. Beside, NITRIL, NBRHT, and NITRIL high temp.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for Funke Plate Heat Exchangers, and a wide range of international brands.

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Heat Exchanger Gasket Materials:

NBR – NITRIL – VITON fluoroelastomer – EPDM – NBRHT – NITRIL high temp