PHE Nordic Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers

PHE Nordic provides gaskets and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

APV/SPX Heat Exchanger Gaskets

APV/SPX Gaskets Types

      • APV/SPX 1020
      • APV/SPX 1025
      • APV/SPX A055 Energysaverm
      • APV/SPX AO55
      • APV/SPX AO85
      • APV/SPX B063S
      • APV/SPX B158S
      • APV/SPX B205S
      • APV/SPX CHF130
      • APV/SPX FFPE
      • APV/SPX H12
      • APV/SPX H17
      • APV/SPX H17DS
      • APV/SPX H17PA
      • APV/SPX HMB
      • APV/SPX HX
      • APV/SPX J060
      • APV/SPX J092
      • APV/SPX J107
      • APV/SPX J185
      • APV/SPX J60
      • APV/SPX K34
      • APV/SPX K55
      • APV/SPX K71
      • APV/SPX K71DS
      • APV/SPX K71PA
      • APV/SPX LD9AL
      • APV/SPX LD9GL
      • APV/SPX LR9AL
      • APV/SPX LR9GL
      • APV/SPX M060
      • APV/SPX M107
      • APV/SPX M185
      • APV/SPX M60
      • APV/SPX M92
      • APV/SPX N35
      • APV/SPX N35DS
      • APV/SPX N35PA
      • APV/SPX N50
      • APV/SPX P105
      • APV/SPX P190
      • APV/SPX Evaporator FFPE
      • APV/SPX Evaporator MKII
      • APV/SPX Evaporator MKIII
      • APV/SPX QO30 Duraflow
      • APV/SPX QO55 Duraflow
      • APV/SPX QO80 Duraflow
      • APV/SPX R10
      • APV/SPX R106
      • APV/SPX R14
      • APV/SPX R145
      • APV/SPX R23
      • APV/SPX R235
      • APV/SPX R40
      • APV/SPX R405
      • APV/SPX R5
      • APV/SPX R55
      • APV/SPX R6
      • APV/SPX R66
      • APV/SPX R8GI
      • APV/SPX SD9
      • APV/SPX SR1
      • APV/SPX SR14AD
      • APV/SPX SR14AH
      • APV/SPX SR14AN
      • APV/SPX QO80 Energysaver
      • APV/SPX Vega V-028
      • APV/SPX SR14GD
      • APV/SPX SR14PP
      • APV/SPX SR15PE
      • APV/SPX SR2
      • APV/SPX SR23PV
      • APV/SPX SR23VO
      • APV/SPX SR3
      • APV/SPX SR6AA
      • APV/SPX SR6AG
      • APV/SPX SR6GH
      • APV/SPX SR6GL
      • APV/SPX SR9
      • APV/SPX SR95
      • APV/SPX T4
      • APV/SPX TR9AL
      • APV/SPX TR9AV
      • APV/SPX TR9GL
      • APV/SPX TR9GN
      • APV/SPX WHX
      • APV/SPX H20
      • APV/SPX H25
      • APV/SPX H30
      • APV/SPX WDU H12

Which are non-OEM gaskets 100% compatible with gaskets manufactured by APV and SPX brand.

SPX FLOW is one of the leading global suppliers to a high-engineered flow component, process equipment and turnkey systems, moreover the related aftermarket parts. They mainly serve food and beverage, power and energy and industrial markets. APV, is one of SPX brands, it provides a range of unique high functional solutions, products and systems. SPX FLOW power and energy bases APV solutions on the advanced technology products like heat transfer offerings, valves, pumps, etc. As well as production efficiency, experience. APV portfolio comprises a very wide range of heat exchangers that are used on food, dairy and brewing industries, healthcare, chemical, pharmaceutical, and heavy industries. APV Heat Exchangers range of products complies with high international standards of cleanness and hygiene. SPX FLOW products were designed easily to clean and they reduce the use of valuable resources like energy.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for APV/SPX Plate Heat Exchangers, and a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

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Gaskets Materials:

NBR – NITRIL – VITON fluoroelastomer – EPDM – NBRHT – NITRIL high temp