PHE Nordic Gaskets for Plate Heat Exchangers

PHE Nordic provides gaskets and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

Sondex/Danfoss Heat Exchanger Gasket

Sondex/Danfoss Gaskets Types

  • Sondex/Danfoss S100
  • Sondex/Danfoss S110
  • Sondex/Danfoss S113
  • Sondex/Danfoss S120
  • Sondex/Danfoss S121
  • Sondex/Danfoss S130
  • Sondex/Danfoss S130 GLUED
  • Sondex/Danfoss S14
  • Sondex/Danfoss S145
  • Sondex/Danfoss S14A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S15
  • Sondex/Danfoss S188
  • Sondex/Danfoss S19A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S20
  • Sondex/Danfoss S201
  • Sondex/Danfoss S20A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S21
  • Sondex/Danfoss S21A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S22
  • Sondex/Danfoss S30
  • Sondex/Danfoss S31A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S35
  • Sondex/Danfoss S38
  • Sondex/Danfoss S39
  • Sondex/Danfoss S41
  • Sondex/Danfoss S41A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S42
  • Sondex/Danfoss S43
  • Sondex/Danfoss S47
  • Sondex/Danfoss S4A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S50
  • Sondex/Danfoss S62
  • Sondex/Danfoss S63
  • Sondex/Danfoss S64
  • Sondex/Danfoss S65
  • Sondex/Danfoss S7
  • Sondex/Danfoss S7A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S8
  • Sondex/Danfoss S81
  • Sondex/Danfoss S86
  • Sondex/Danfoss S8A
  • Sondex/Danfoss S9A

Which are non-OEM gaskets, 100% compatible with gaskets manufactured by Sondex/Danfoss.

In 1984 Sondex/Danfoss A/S was founded with aim to provide plate heat exchangers solutions that can be tailored into individual needs. Sondex/Danfoss is based in Denmark, but expanded greatly in the recent years and has become quickly a global enterprise. Sondex is a leading manufacturer of plate heat exchangers with products like Sondex/Danfoss Plates, Sondex/Danfoss Gaskets, and Sondex/Danfoss Fresh Water Generators Plates or Gaskets. Optimized to reduce cost of maintenance and service, and to minimize energy consumption. Sondex/Danfoss plate heat exchangers are ideal choice for a range of applications in the market. Sondex/Danfoss standard plate heat exchanger is a stellar investment for standard duties, using innovative technologies and smart designs.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for Sondex/Danfoss Plate Heat Exchangers, and a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

Full Traceability

Every plate and gasket at our storage are made of traceable materials, so we can assure that our products contain the exact material fitted for the fluid and temperature going through the Plate Heat Exchanger.
To have full traceability on our Gaskets, every batch of any given Gasket type, has a label with a unique barcode attached, so we know exactly which customer receives which batch number.
Our Plates are laser engraved with type, high/low tater, material quality, thickness and given a unique certificate number, to ensure full traceability.

No matter what kind of Service, Spare Part or Special Component you need, our team is ready to guide you and to ensure the highest quality possible.

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Gaskets Materials:

NBR – HNBR – EPDM – EPDM Plus – Viton – Neoprene