All Brand Supplier for Plate Heat Exchanger Spare Parts

 Plate Heat Exchanger Components

PHE Nordic is specialized in repairing of Plate Heat Exchangers and holds a large inventory of spare parts and Heat Exchanger components.

Your benefits using PHE Nordic as your supplier:

  • Large inventory of special parts and components for all Plate Heat Exchanger brands.
  • Competitive pricing and short delivery time.

PHE Nordic Provides Special Parts and Components

      • PHE frames (Head and Follower)
      • Rubber Linings
      • Titanium Collars and Distance Rings
      • Tie-bars
      • Insulating jackets
      • Degreasing agent
      • Port Ring Gaskets
      • Titanium Linings
      • In-line AISI Strainers
      • Stud Bolts
      • Glue for gasket
      • etc.

Special Parts & Components from PHE Nordic:

      • Alfa Laval
      • API Schmidt-Bretten
      • GEA
      • Hisaka
      • APV/SPX
      • Tranter/SWEP
      • Hansun
      • Kähler + Breum
      • Vicarb
      • Fischer
      • Sondex
      • Reheat
      • DongHWA

PHE Nordic spare parts are non-OEM, 100% compatible with genuine parts.

PHE Nordic provides services and spare parts for Plate Heat Exchangers to a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

How the Plate Heat Exchanger works:

The transfer area of gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger is made of series of corrugated plates, assembled between frame and pressure plates. Gaskets are the seals between plates. The fluids normally flow counter-currently through the heat exchanger, which gives the most efficient thermal performance and enables close temperature approach.

How to optimize Plate Heat Exchangers:

When improving the Plate Heat Exchanger, we should remember two important factors: First the amount of heat transferred and the pressure drop have to be considered. Second the pressure drop must be decreased and the amount of heat transfer must be increased.

The geometry of the Plate Heat Exchanger is a very important factor for the heat transfer and pressure drop in Plate Heat Exchangers. That’s why, higher heat transfer and less pressure drop are always targeted. The Plate Heat Exchangers shape is also very important: Industrial applications that are affected by pressure drop as in condenser, evaporator, and cooling/heating coils in HVAC industry.

Advantages of Plate Heat Exchanger:

Low pressure loss, high operating flexibility

Compact structure, easy assembly & disassembly

Long life-time, metal plates to withstand high temperatures and resist corrosion

High heat transfer coefficient maximum temperature, sensitive temperature control

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