PHE Nordic Plates for Plate Heat Exchangers

PHE Nordic provides plates and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

Tetra Pak Heat Exchangers Plates

Tetra Pak Plates List

          • Tetra Pak C10
          • Tetra Pak C6
          • Tetra Pak C8
          • Tetra Pak M10BBASE
          • Tetra Pak M10MBASE
          • Tetra Pak M3XBASE
          • Tetra Pak M6BASE
          • Tetra Pak M6MBASE
          • Tetra Pak MN10
          • Tetra Pak MN11
          • Tetra Pak MN15
          • Tetra Pak MN6
          • Tetra Pak MP11
          • Tetra Pak MS10
          • Tetra Pak MS15
          • Tetra Pak MS3
          • Tetra Pak MS6
          • Tetra Pak TR-SR

Which are non-OEM plates 100% compatible with plates manufactured by Tetra Pak.

Tetra Pak is a part of three companies in Tetra Laval group, which is a private group, started in Sweden. Tetra Pak plate heat exchangers have durable design and the plate geometry is optimized for food applications. By providing gentle energy efficient heating, that is optimized to maintain product quality. They are easy to clean, maintain or service, and they can be rebuilt for new application or different capacities. They also have that long equipment lifetime due to the robustness of Tetra Pak Gaskets and Tetra Pak Plates processing technology. Besides achieving gentle food processing and ease of cleaning, they are also safe, quick and easy to dismantle for service.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for Tetra Pak Plate Heat Exchangers to a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

All Spare Parts are quality controlled at our own lab, to ensure 100% compatible with original makers. Every plate and gasket at our storage are made of traceable materials, so we can assure that our products contain the exact material fitted for the fluid and temperature going through the Plate Heat Exchanger.

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Titanium – AISI 316/304 – SMO – Hastelloy
In high or low thermal pattern