PHE Nordic Plates for Plate Heat Exchanger

PHE Nordic provides plates and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

LHE Heat Exchanger Plate

LHE Plates List

            • LHE HT062
            • LHE HT064
            • LHE HT081
            • LHE HT082
            • LHE HT102
            • LHE HT104
            • LHE HT122
            • LHE HT150
            • LHE HT151
            • LHE HT152
            • LHE HT153
            • LHE HT201
            • LHE HT202
            • LHE HT206
            • LHE HT231
            • LHE HT232
            • LHE HT233
            • LHE HT234
            • LHE HT301
            • LHE HT302
            • LHE HT351
            • LHE HT352
            • LHE HT502

Which are non-OEM plates 100% compatible with plates manufactured by LHE.

LHE was founded in 2001 by the name of DHT, changed the name to LHE, Leader of Heat Exchanger, with continuous growth in supplying heat exchanger products and services globally. They developed heat exchangers to overcome the limitation of use, and developed special Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger and Welded-type Heat Exchangers.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for LHE Plate Heat Exchangers, and a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

Heat Exchanger Plates:

Transferring Heat should involves bringing two substances at different degrees of temperatures to each other, so that one either cools or heats the other. In a way that energy already within the system and is transferred to another part of the process where it can be used for another effect. This process will save money and energy, and reduce environmental impact of the production process. Plates of heat transfers are characterized by optimum embossing, resulting in high heat transfer coefficients.

How to select the plate:

Heat transfer plates are supplied as standard in material grade AISI304, AISI316L, Titanium, Titanium-Pd, SMO254, Hastelloy respectively, due to its corrosion-resistance and easy cleaning.

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Titanium – AISI 316/304 – SMO – Hastelloy
In high or low thermal pattern