PHE Nordic Plates for Plate Heat Exchangers

PHE Nordic provides plates and services for a wide range of international Plate Heat Exchangers brands

Bell & Gossett Heat Exchanger Plates

Bell and Gossett Plates List

  • Bell & Gossett GPX100
  • Bell & Gossett GPX1152
  • Bell & Gossett GPX120
  • Bell & Gossett GPX130
  • Bell & Gossett GPX15
  • Bell & Gossett GPX151
  • Bell & Gossett GPX161
  • Bell & Gossett GPX1614
  • Bell & Gossett GPX1700
  • Bell & Gossett GPX1980
  • Bell & Gossett GPX20a
  • Bell & Gossett GPX22
  • Bell & Gossett GPX237
  • Bell & Gossett GPX258
  • Bell & Gossett GPX258B
  • Bell & Gossett GPX30
  • Bell & Gossett GPX34
  • Bell & Gossett GPX35
  • Bell & Gossett GPX38
  • Bell & Gossett GPX39
  • Bell & Gossett GPX43
  • Bell & Gossett GPX463
  • Bell & Gossett GPX47
  • Bell & Gossett GPX4a
  • Bell & Gossett GPX50
  • Bell & Gossett GPX538
  • Bell & Gossett GPX538B
  • Bell & Gossett GPX646
  • Bell & Gossett GPX65
  • Bell & Gossett GPX678
  • Bell & Gossett GPX7a
  • Bell & Gossett GPX8
  • Bell & Gossett GPX807
  • Bell & Gossett GPX850
  • Bell & Gossett GPX850B
  • Bell & Gossett GPX8a
  • Bell & Gossett GPX915

Which are non-OEM plates 100% compatible with plates manufactured by Bell & Gossett.

Bell and Gossett production line of plate heat exchangers provide maximum efficiency in minimal space. Bell and Gossett GPX Gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger and BPX Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger models come with different ranges of capacities and sizes for optimal thermal and heat transfer. The Bell & Gossett Plate and Frame heat exchangers water and steam powered offers instantaneous heat transfer. Bell & Gossett WU model is added with a Bell & Gossett booster that pumps boiler water for efficient high capacity heating solution. Bell & Gossett also provides compact heat exchangers, complete tank heaters, gas coolers, etc.

PHE Nordic provides services and non-OEM spare parts for Bell & Gossett Plate Heat Exchangers, and a wide range of international brands.

Plate Heat Exchanger PlatesGasketed Plate Heat Exchanger, Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, or Fresh Water Generators spares.

How Plate Heat Exchangers work?

Every heat transfer area of gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger consists of a series of corrugated plates, which are assembled between a frame and pressure plate to obtain pressure. The fluids normally run through the heat exchanger counter currently. This should give the most efficient thermal performance and enables the closest temperature approach. So, gaskets are used to efficiently seal the heat exchanger between the plates. There are many features in every gasketed heat exchanger that makes a difference. The suitable gaskets can increase reliability of many aspect of a gasketed Plate Heat Exchanger. When improving the efficiency of the heat exchanger, you will maximize your production and minimize energy consumption, reduce power bills and improve the environment around you. The industrial Plate Heat Exchangers are suitable for all industry types and multiple applications from heating, cooling and heat recovery to evaporating and condensation. The high-end quality Plate Heat Exchanger spares, gaskets and plates replacements are specified to fit several Plate Heat Exchanger brands and models.

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Titanium – AISI 316/304 – SMO – Hastelloy
In high or low thermal pattern