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Your supplier of Chemical Cleaning and Refurbishing of Plate Heat Exchangers

Marine – Offshore – Power – Food – Pharmaceutical – Buildings

Your benefits using PHE Nordic as your supplier:

  • Fast and reliable service ensures that your Plate Heat Exchanger is back in operation with optimum performance
  • Highly qualified employees operate our state of the art cleaning treatment plant
  • Chemical cleaning removes all scaling and fouling effectively
  • Dye-penetration test reveals cracked plates
  • Stock of most sold plates in case replacements are required
  • Capability of re-pressing deformed gasket tracks
  • Pressure testing of most sold plate packs in our own or customer’s frame
  • Capability of complete refurbishment of frames
  • Experienced and highly qualified service technicians available for onsite disassembling and assembling of Plate Heat Exchangers
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Types of Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Fresh water generators
  • Central coolers / LT coolers
  • Lube oil coolers
  • HT coolers
  • Engine coolers
  • Gear oil coolers
  • Steam coolers
  • Crude oil coolers
  • Production oil coolers
  • Gas coolers
  • Condensers
  • Fuel oil heaters
  • Tank cleaning heaters
  • MGO coolers
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