ALL Brand PHE Nordic Service Center

Allbrand Service

We are able to offer you a comprehensive cleaning and re-gasketing Service, not only for our own Kähler & Breum plate heat exchangers, but also for exchangers manufactured by other companies.
We call it Allbrand Service.
It saves both time and money if you first of all ask our technicians your questions or when problems arise. This helps to minimise any shut down and avoids unnecessary damage to the equipment.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to help you.
Trouble-free operation of your plate heat exchangers demands the use of high-quality and perfectly fitting spare parts. In addition to OEM parts we also use The PHE Nordic Gaskets, where the attractive cost effectiveness is popular with our customers.
The PHE Nordic Gaskets for just about every maker and model are always in stock or can be produced on short-term order. Furthermore we also have some replacement plates from different makers and materials in stock.

PHE Nordic Service Team

We have our own Service Teams fully trained Service Engineers trawling worldwide to mantle and dismantle plate heat exchangers.
In Denmark the Service Teams bring the plate packs back to PHE Nordic for cleaning and renovation.
Our Service Teams work in full compliance with safety and quality standards in the following applications:

  • Marine
  • Power plants
  • Dairies / Cheese factories
  • Food industries
  • Sugar / Distilleries
  • Breweries
  • Beverage industries
  • Sanitary applications
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical industries

One of the Service Engineers samling a PHE unit on a power plant

Cleaning of plates

After reception we check all the plates and remove the old gaskets.
One more check is made before cleaning the plates in big tanks.
We use chemically alkaline/acid method of high efficiency without damaging the plates. The chemicals are carefully selected depending on the type of soiling.

Plate pack undergoing chemical cleaning

Crack test of plates

When the plates are cleaned and the gasket tracks are checked.
We are able to carry out a crack test. It is done using dye penetrate in order to find any cracks or even the smallest possible pinholes.
After crack test we make a high pressure cleaning to removing the residues from the dye penetration test.

Dye penetrate crack test is carried out


After cleaning and crack testing, we add new gaskets on the plates.
We use different types of Glue depending on the material of the gaskets and the use of the plate heat exchanger. We put the plate pack in a big oven to cure the polymerisation precise to ensure a perfect gluing and gasket fit. Then we make a final check and despatch.

Gluing on new gaskets on a well ventilated table